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Specialist Mentor (MH/ASC)

United Kingdom

Job Type



Remote, University Visits, Home Visits

About the Role

We are seeking Specialist Mentors all over the UK. However, we are urgently seeking Specialist Mentors in Shropshire, Norwich, Stotfold, Bath, Northampton, Huddersfield, Hatfield, London, Oxford, Staffordshire, Southend-on-Sea. Mentors work with students on a one-to-one basis addressing the barriers to learning created by an impairment e.g. mental health or autism spectrum conditions. Examples of these barriers include, coping with anxiety and stress, how to deal with concentration difficulties, time management, and creating a suitable work-life balance. Mentors are not advocates or counsellors; their role is to promote independent learning as well as empowering the student to manage their work load, especially during times of transition.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

To support allocated students on a 1:1 basis with the practical impact of their mental health difficulties on their academic experience.

To deliver focused interventions depending on student concerns and to build confidence and motivate your students to attend their timetabled sessions and undertake the independent study required to complete their course

To have knowledge and appreciation of the range of activities, courses, opportunities, organisations and individuals that could be drawn upon to provide additional support for students and encourage independence

To work closely with the line manager to be responsible for the monitoring and evaluation of the impact support has on student attendance, retention, achievement and progression.

Keep accurate records of work done with students

Make effective use of supervision to ensure good practice in providing safe and effective support.


UPDATED Mandatory Requirements Document
Download PDF • 340KB

Mandatory Requirements:

  • You must hold a relevant Degree OR be registered to a relevant professional body.

You can view the full mandatory requirements for the roles we provide on the attached document.

About the Company

Onyx Support is an organisation providing specialist Non-Medical Help (NMH) support services to individuals who have been diagnosed with a mental health condition or physical disability. We provide support to all Higher Education Providers (HEPs) across the UK, demonstrating our capacity to provide nationwide support. Our team provides a range of services aimed at helping individuals to flourish in their chosen areas of study, by supporting students to overcome the barriers of education and encourage strategies to empower individuals to reach their potential and achieve their goals. Support is tailored to students depending on their current needs. Our team includes a range of diverse, professional support workers, working across the UK.

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