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All of the below online courses have been CPD approved. To purchase a course, please click buy now. You will then receive your course through email on the same day as purchase. Following completion of your assessment questions, you will receive a certificate. For more information on the below courses, please see Training > [Course name] or contact

If you wish to have your training carried out in another method e.g. conference, classroom, employer, please contact or 07944670102. 

Disability Awareness Training image

Disability Awareness Training 

In this training, you will gain an understanding of disability awareness, to enable you to improve the way you talk about and work with individuals with a disability.

1 CPD Credit

Confidientality Training

Confidentiality Training 

The purpose of this course is to enable you to recognise the importance of and embed the fundamental principle of confidentiality into your everyday practice.

1 CPD Credit

Data Protection Training

Data Protection Training 

This Data Protection Training, delivered by Onyx Support, will provide you with the extensive knowledge and skills to safeguard personal data.

5 CPD Credits


Health and Safety Training

Health and Safety Training

In this Health and Safety training, you will learn how to keep yourself and others safe whilst carrying out your role, this will include areas such as lone working, substance abuse, driving safely and stress. 

2 CPD Credits


Safeguarding Adults and Children

Safeguarding Training 

This training will provide you with the knowledge to identify and report safeguarding concerns, to prevent any future harm to individuals.


Through understanding signs and behaviour linked to abuse will enable you to enhance your safeguarding practice in any role.

4 CPD Credits


Effective Lone Working Training

Lone Working 

This lone working training by Onyx Support, will enable you to maintain safety whilst working without direct or close supervision or support out in the community, when visiting other people’s homes and working outside of normal hours.

1 CPD Credit


Professional Boundaries Training

Professional Boundaries

Within health and social care, professional boundaries are vital to ensuring you have an effective professional-client relationship.


1 CPD Credit

Specialist Mentor Training

Specialist Mentoring Training

This Specialist Mentoring Training enables you to become familiar with mental health awareness and explores in-depth the strategies that can be used to support students to improve their mental well-being and overcome the barriers of education. 

6 CPD Credits

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