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BSL Interpreter

United Kingdom

Job Type



University Visits

About the Role

We are seeking BSL Interpreters all over the UK. To provide BSL interpreting for students who are deaf and whose first or preferred language is BSL to ensure equal access to the curriculum and academic environment. To provide communication and note taking support to deaf and hard of hearing students, at days and times dictated by individual student need and programme requirements. You will deliver communication support that is based on a thorough understanding of student disabilities and medical conditions, in addition to dyslexia screening data, medical evidence and the DSA Needs Assessment. You will similarly provide appropriate support to students during assessments. The successful candidate will assist deaf and hard of hearing students with the modification/translation of written English into BSL or vice versa. Interpreters will use their skills and knowledge of BSL and English and their understanding of the differences between the two, in order to receive information in one language and pass it on in another. You will assist deaf and hard of hearing students with the translation of BSL into written English and liaise with academic staff regarding the delivery of the course, advising as appropriate on the modification and differentiation of the learning environment, materials and delivery styles.
Hours – Onyx Student Support will seek to provide you with as many hours as are available.


Mandatory Qualifications

1. Qualification in a National Register of Communication Professionals working with Deaf and Deafblind People (NRCPD) approved course for sign language interpreters or interpreters for deafblind people from the list at Appendix 1 extracted from NRCPD website

2. (CACDP Registered Qualified Sign Language Interpreters exam (CACDP RQSLI exam)

3. VLP/SASLI/RBSLI/NRCPD*registered Sign Language Interpreter

4. VLP/SASLI/RBSLI/NRCPD*registered trainee sign language interpreter

5. NRCPD* registered Interpreter for Deafblind People

Note 1: in the preceding listVLP = Visual Language Professionals

SASLI = Scottish Association of Sign Language Interpreters.

RBSLI = Regulatory Body for Sign Language Interpreters & Translators

NRCPD = National Register of Communication Professionals working with Deaf and Deafblind People

Note 2: The Qualifications Regulator in 2010 allocated new levels to NVQ qualifications on the QCF. The Signature Level 4 NVQ in BSL/ISL, and Level 4 NVQ in Interpreting (BSL/English) were assessed as equivalent to an Honours degree. On the revised framework they have been allocated to Level 6. We will accept Level 4 qualifications as above as Level 6 equivalent if they were obtained prior to the changes. Proof, such as a certificate, will be required.

To see a full breakdown of mandatory requirements, please see attached document:

UPDATED Mandatory Requirements Document
Download PDF • 340KB

About the Company

Onyx Support is an organisation providing specialist Non-Medical Help (NMH) support services to individuals who have been diagnosed with a mental health condition or physical disability. We provide support to all Higher Education Providers (HEPs) across the UK, demonstrating our capacity to provide nationwide support. Our team provides a range of services aimed at helping individuals to flourish in their chosen areas of study, by supporting students to overcome the barriers of education and encourage strategies to empower individuals to reach their potential and achieve their goals. Support is tailored to students depending on their current needs. Our team includes a range of diverse, professional support workers, working across the UK.

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