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Academic Support Worker

United Kingdom

Job Type



University Visits, Some roles may be carried out remotely.

About the Role

We are seeking Academic/Student Support Workers all over the UK. However, our urgent locations include Edinburgh, Exeter, Worcester, Birmingham, London, Bath and Sussex. The role of an academic support worker could include a range of support types such as:

- Practical Support: To provide practical and mobility support to assist a student with a physical impairment in manoeuvring around the campus. This could include helping to manipulate a wheelchair, carrying books, IT equipment etc. It could also include general orientation and finding out where things are located for students whose disability means that they have problems with orientation. It could also include ‘social support’ in order to ensure access to the wider aspects of student life, for example for a student on the autism spectrum who had difficulty with social interaction. While some of these tasks, such as carrying equipment for a student with mobility difficulties, will need to continue throughout a student’s course, others, such as general orientation, should decrease as the student becomes more able to manage independently.

- Library Support: To search the library catalogues and electronic resources under the direction of the student. To locate, retrieve and carry academic library materials. To scan and photocopy library resources and, where necessary, locate study areas

- Reader/Proofreader/Text Checker: To read academic texts aloud to the student or to record whilst reading. To read the student's work back to them, to assist with proof reading/ A proof reader will highlight and locate errors in the student's written work including grammar, punctuation and spelling.

- Study Assistant: To provide a variety of roles where support is required for consecutive and irregular periods of time. Roles can include; assisting in finding appropriate solutions for queries and problems and to help reduce anxiety levels,

- Examination Support: To support the student during institutional exams, either reading text aloud to the student and/or writing down, word for word, the student's answers to exam question.

- Guiding students with a visual impairment: To provide one-to-one mobility assistance to a student with a visual impairment helping them to navigate their way around campus.

Main Duties/Responsibilities -

Provide assistance to students with a physical health/mental health condition
To use clear communication
Carry out relevant training
Always be punctual
Maintain a high standard of presentation whilst representing Onyx Student Support.


No mandatory qualifications required.

Experience within a care, support or education environment preferrable but not mandatory.

Training provided.

To work as an Academic Support Worker, you can work within the following roles:

  • Practical Support Assistant 

  • Library Support Assistant

  • Reader

  • Scribe

  • Workshop/Laboratory Assistant

  • Sighted Guide

  • Proof Reader/Text Checker

  • Study Assistant 

  • Examination Support Worker

  • Note Taker

For more information on each role please go to > 'Students' > 'Types of Support'

About the Company

Onyx Support is an organisation providing specialist Non-Medical Help (NMH) support services to individuals who have been diagnosed with a mental health condition or physical disability. We provide support to all Higher Education Providers (HEPs) across the UK, demonstrating our capacity to provide nationwide support. Our team provides a range of services aimed at helping individuals to flourish in their chosen areas of study, by supporting students to overcome the barriers of education and encourage strategies to empower individuals to reach their potential and achieve their goals. Support is tailored to students depending on their current needs. Our team includes a range of diverse, professional support workers, working across the UK.

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