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Employability and Workplace Support

Are you feeling lost? Unsure which path to take to develop yourself in your work/career? Or maybe you know which direction you want to go in, but you are finding it difficult to get employed? Do you have a disability and the additional challenges involved are preventing you to reach your potential, such as lack of support or workplace accessibility? At Onyx Support, we recognise the challenges that arise. We offer a huge variety of support services, specialised to you and your needs, for both individuals who are exploring opportunities and those who are currently in employment. We offer employability and workplace support to: 

- People with disabilities* 

- School leavers, college and university graduates

- Individual seeking career advice and employability support 


Onyx Support staff can help you to gain the relevant skills and advice needed to get you prepared for employment and helping you to find a suitable role. Types of support include: 

- Career options and advice

- CV Building 

- Confidence in your role

- Interview Skills

- Communication Skills 

- Functional Skills

- Teamwork Skills

*If you have been diagnosed with a disability, The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) provides funding to individuals through the Direct Payments, Dynamic Purchasing System and Access to Work Scheme. To ensure that the support provided is of a high quality, we request feedback from the individuals and work closely with families and organisations involved. 

For more information 'contact us'.

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